First TrashMax® screen installation abroad exceeds expectations

On the basis of the function principle of our multi-rake bar screens we have developed a new coarse material screen HUBER TrashMax® in 2012. The TrashMax® screen offers all the benefits of our well-known multi-rake bar screens and in addition an extra sturdy design for the removal of coarse material.

TrashMax® coarse screen in action
TrashMax® coarse screen in action
The situation in Jati Pinggir, Indonesia
The situation in Jati Pinggir, Indonesia

The screen is ideal to be used as first treatment stage in order to remove coarse and bulky material and therefore protects downstream systems - a task that the first TrashMax® screen installation abroad brilliantly masters.

The first TrashMax® coarse screen installation abroad has operated very reliably all the time. The coarse screen with about 7 m length, almost 3 m width and 50 mm bar spacing was supplied for a project in Indonesia at the end of 2012 and put into operation at the beginning of 2013.

A look into the open sewer of the city revealed that the high trash load in the wastewater is mainly due to household refuse and waste from the market. It seems to be common practice to throw household refuse into the sewer. We even saw whole trash bags in the wastewater flow. The pictures show the enormous screenings volumes which seem to be imaginable for Germans and Europeans.

At the end of March 2013 we successfully modified the bottom section of the screen rack to meet the conditions of very low water levels they have on site during dry weather periods. This gave the customer also an impression of how committed and flexible we are with our products. Now as the TrashMax® at Jati Pinggir is adjusted to the specific conditions on site, it fulfils its task perfectly and removes considerable amounts of trash from the wastewater with every move of its rakes. The customer and the government representatives were highly satisfied with their new acquisition when they inspected the screen in operation.

Facts about HUBER Coarse Screen TrashMax®

Schematic drawing of a TrashMax® screen
Schematic drawing of a TrashMax® screen

The innovative combination of a front cleaned and back cleaned screen in a single unit offers reliable removal of even bulky coarse material and can be even easily retrofitted into existing channels.

The screen is characterized by high-capacity screen rakes and a high operational safety due to efficient and reliable bar rack cleaning.

With this newly developed coarse screen HUBER is in the fortunate position of having a wide range of screens which allows us to offer every customer the perfect solution for his specific requirements. This guarantees problem-free plant operation.

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