Systems concept for the Textile and Leather Industry

raw wastewater pre-treatment with ROTAMAT® Complete Plant Ro 5 fine screening with ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem addition of polymer / chemicals addition of polymer / chemicals addition of polymer / chemicals tubular reactor HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF filtration with CONTIFLOW® Sandfilter HUBER Membrane Bioreactor HUBER Vacuum Rotation Membrane VRM® Bioreactor reusable effluent reusable effluent flotate and surplus sludge sludge thickening with HUBER Drainbelt DB sludge dewatering with ROTAMAT® Screw Press RoS 3 sludge drying with KULT® Middle Temperature Dryer BT+ exhaust air scrubber and biofilter screenings screenings separated grit ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyor Ro 8 HUBER plattform, stair, ladder and railings HUBER stainless steel plattform, stair, ladder and railings HUBER Stainless Steel Manhole Cover

The Systems Concept

1raw wastewater11flotate and surplus sludge
2HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5 - pre-treatment12HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt - sludge thickening
3HUBER Membrane Screen ROTAMAT® RoMem - fine screening13HUBER Screw Press S-PRESS (RoS3) - sludge dewatering
4addition of polymer / chemicals14HUBER Belt Dryer BT - middle temperature sludge drying
5tubular reactor15exhaust air scrubber and biofilter
6HUBER Dissolved Air Flotation Plant HDF16screenings
7HUBER Sandfilter CONTIFLOW® - filtration17separated grit
8HUBER Membrane Bioreactor18HUBER Screw Conveyor Ro8 - screenings transport
9HUBER Membrane Filtration VRM® - Vacuum Rotation Membrane Bioreactor19HUBER plattform, stair, ladder and railings
10reusable effluent20HUBER Stainless Steel Manhole Cover
2 Ro5


HUBER Complete Plant ROTAMAT® Ro5

Well-proven mechanical pre-treatment components

  • Fine screening
  • Screenings treatment
  • Grit separation
  • Grit classification
  • Separation and removal of fat and grease

for complete mechanical wastewater treatment in one compact unit

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HUBER Dissoved Air Flotation Plant HDF

Wastewater treatment, product recovery and process water treatment through flotation with micro bubbles.

With non-clogging saturation system and non-clogging integral lamella packages.

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Continuous upflow volume filter with high operational reliability and minimum maintenance. This rapid sand filter is capable for large flow applications at low operating costs.

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HUBER Membrane Filtration VRM®

Vacuum rotating plate membranes bioreactor for clean water.

A future-oriented solution designed for the ever increasing requirements in wastewater treatment in compliance with the latest legal standards (EC standards for bathing waters, California Title 22).

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12 DB e


HUBER Belt Thickener DrainBelt

Belt thickener for highly efficient sludge thickening.

  • Minimum operating costs
  • Maximum filtrate quality
  • Maximum thickening degree
  • Minimim maintenance costs

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13 RoS3



Very sturdy, flexibly appicable sludge dewatering unit for sludge volume reduction up to 90%.
The completely encapsulated, odour-free plant is insensitive to coarse material and designed for high solids loads with minimum wear and vibration.

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14 BT+


HUBER Belt Dryer BT

Middle temperature dryer for energy-saving and eco-friendly drying of municipal and industrial sludges in compliance with European and international standards. Results in a dry, granular, disinfected (Class A), easy and safe to handle biosolids product.

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19 Ro8


HUBER Screw Conveyor ROTAMAT® Ro8

The HUBER ROTAMAT® Screw Conveyors are supplied as closed tube version Ro8 or trough version Ro8 T, depending on the requirements. They are installed for horizontal, inclined and even vertical transport of screenings, dewatered sludge, grit etc. from wastewater treatment plants, or other solids from industrial processes.

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20 PG6

23 PG6_e

Stainless Steel Railings, Enterings, Crossings

HUBER Fix-Rail® Stainless Steel Railings and components, stairs, crossings, winding stairs, footbridges and platforms offer you:

  • safety on all ways
  • for moist places, aggressive media and frequent cleaning
  • cost-effective and long life stainless steel parts
  • for any applications

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21 PG1

21 PG1_e

HUBER Manhole Equipment

The complete program of equipment made of stainless steel for unrivalled lifespan.

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