HUBER Technology Sludge Screening case study at Huddersfield STC

A Wastewater Case Study

Through Yorkshire Water’s new £72 million treatment facility at Knostrop, Leeds, where HUBER Technology supplied three HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plants ROTAMAT® Ro3 to screen imported sludge, their new facility at Huddersfield, will convert all its waste into renewable energy through a process known as anaerobic digestion and by 2020, 100% of their sludge will be digested.

Project Profile

Yorkshire Water will have 14 sludge treatment centres in 2020 and currently treats around 150,000 tonnes of sewage sludge each year. These are sludge treatment plants located across the region treating sludge, converting it into a fertiliser, and creating a biogas that is turned into green electricity. This electricity is used to provide power to operate their sewage treatment works. The renewable energy benefits of sludge treatment are helping them keep costs down for customers. They have continued to invest in anaerobic digestion in a move, which will deliver significantly lower operating costs by 2020.

HUBER Technology Supplied

  • 2 No. (duty/standby) 1200 mm diameter HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant ROTAMAT® Ro3with 6 mm bar spacings to screen imported sludge.
  • 2 No. (duty/standby) 1200 mm diameter HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant ROTAMAT® Ro3with 6 mm bar spacings to screen re-wetted cake.
  • The above screens were supplied c/w local control stations pre-wired in the workshop prior to delivery of the plant to site.
HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant ROTAMAT® Ro3 Schematic


HUBER Technology’s ROTAMAT® Ro3 Sludge Acceptance Plants were again chosen to provide solutions for the screening of imported sludge and re-wetted cake at the new Huddersfield treatment centre. In addition, HUBER Technology have supplied sludge screening solutions at other Yorkshire Water sludge treatment centres, such as Hull, Blackburn Meadows, Esholt, Dewsbury and many other sites. In total, HUBER Technology have installed over 70 HUBER ROTAMAT® Ro3 Sludge Acceptance Plants in the Yorkshire Water area, helping them achieve their output for renewable energy generation.

Product Profile

The HUBER Sludge Acceptance Plant ROTAMAT® Ro3 is designed and built as a packaged item of plant and like all HUBER products, is manufactured completely from stainless steel. It provides high removal efficiency, low head loss as well as longevity of service. The entire screening process takes place in a closed system avoiding odour annoyance, but the machines can be connected to odour control systems when required. The efficiency and rugged construction is able to cope with throughputs up to 230 m³/h. Compact construction, together with intelligent technology ensure reliable and continuous operation.

Dale Foster, HUBER’s Area Manager for Yorkshire Water commented, “It is always pleasing to be considered the number one supplier of a particular solution by any client, but we have worked hard with the client to comply with their stringent asset standards and specifications. Like any reputable company, we are always keen to take on board observations and ideas from those who operate the equipment and a number of improvements to the HUBER ROTAMAT® Ro3 Sludge Acceptance Plant have come as direct result of feedback from Yorkshire Water personnel.

Having these screens installed at many of Yorkshire Water’s sludge treatment facilities has given us a better insight into what they are trying to achieve and we are pleased to be a part of their ongoing success in providing green electricity both now and in the future.

This excellent relationship has also provided us with the opportunity to promote some of our other exciting sludge treatment solutions, such as our HUBER Disc Thickener S-DISC and HUBER Rotary Screw Thickener S-DRUM sludge thickeners and our HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS® sludge dewaterer. They are creating significant interest from Yorkshire Water and we can only assume that some of this is related to the reliability and performance of the HUBER sludge acceptance plant ROTAMAT® Ro3 they have had many years of experience with.

I am confident Yorkshire Water will benefit from the reliability and robustness of this equipment and it will be expertly and professionally supported by our team of Service Engineers based at our Rotherham depot.”

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