HUBER’s Perforated Plate Fine Screen Brings STAR Power to Star Water and Sewer District

The Star Water and Sewer District knew change was going to come. The plant’s existing in-channel grinder technology wasn’t just aging, it was obsolete. The unit was also in need of repairs that could force two weeks of downtime. Regardless of what they did to “fix” the existing unit, its performance would lag behind newer screening technology.

Consultants and engineers pointed the district to HUBER and its ROTAMAT® STAR fine screen as a replacement that would take the plant into the future.

The single-most important result that Star Sewer and Water District Waste Water Treatment Plant Operator Ken Vose was hoping for from the HUBER unit was preventing harmful screenings from reaching the plant’s membrane bioreactor.

“We need to make the flow entering the membrane bioreactor as clean as possible. Keeping the Muffin Monster didn’t make sense – even if it was repaired to its performance potential.”
Ken Vose, Plant Operator

Protect downstream components

The Plant’s membrane bioreactor is an important unit. It is a premier solution for cleaning wastewater but its excellence comes at a cost. The membranes in the bioreactor can be easily damaged by solids in the flow. Damaged membranes are expensive to replace and cause costly downtime. Replacement technology for the in-channel grinder technology must protect the membrane bioreactor.

Implement more impressive technology

HUBER’s ROTAMAT® STAR Technology fits the District’s needs perfectly. Ken Vose was excited at the opportunity to implement another Huber unit. With the solid performance of the screw press already in place, Ken Vose was confident in the potential success of the Huber fine screen selected for the plant.

Screening twice the trash

The success of the HUBER Perforated Plate Screen ROTAMAT® STAR shows up in the dumpster. With the previous unit in place, the dumpster had to be emptied every two weeks. The Huber unit screens so much from the flow that the dumpster requires emptying weekly.

“We enjoy our working relationship with Huber. Their units are highly-efficient in producing exactly what we need: cleaner channel flow. And their project and support experts work hard to make sure Huber units are meeting expectations.”
Ken Vose, Plant Operator

Expertise in tweaking performance

HUBER understands that every plant is unique. Each project expert is schooled in the nuances that can impact unit performance. Everything from the plant’s geography to the content entering the headworks has an effect on performance and often requires delicate tweaks to the unit.

The build-up causing the frequent pressure washing for the District’s unit could easily be eliminated by adding a second spray bar. The tweak was exactly what the flow required. Ken Vose notes that, it’s been more than four months since the second spray bar was installed and they have not needed to pressure wash the unit at all.

“We had concerns about the performance of the STAR screen at first. Yes - it was producing lots of screenings but we had to shut down and pressure wash the unit every 14-21 days. Our project rep saved the day.”
Ken Vose, Plant Operator

Working like a champ

The ROTAMAT® STAR technology fulfills an important role in protecting the membrane bioreactor by eliminating as much solid screening as possible. The unit is dependable beyond expectation and performs extremely well. It is much more efficient in removal than its predecessor was or ever could be.

Beyond technology

HUBER’s experience with municipalities and with wastewater processes is extensive as is its knowledge of the technologies it provides. This industry-technology insight allows HUBER to work with organizations to go beyond the technology to ensure that systems are geared to perfectly match up to immediate tactical challenges and long-term strategic goals.

“Huber’s technology is superior in the marketplace but our experience has been that its service is unmatched as well. We’ve benefitted from the expertise of project managers and support and service experts. They understand that you can’t lose focus after implementation because it is when the unit is in operation that important tweaks can be identified and implemented. This attention goes a long way in taking an implementation from great to game-changing.”
Ken Vose, Plant Operator

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