HUBER RC3 safety doors meet any requirements

Graz Holding - well Feldkirchen
Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung GmbH - pumping station Kaindorf 1
Stainless steel frame as wall cover

For the protection of our most valuable resource – water

Sustainability is of greatest importance in the field of water supply when investments are planned to modernise and refurbish elevated reservoirs, wells and pressure increasing plants.

HUBER has convincing solutions to offer, one of them is the technically mature and high-quality safety door RC3. Many of this type of door have meanwhile been installed on a number of sites.

Customers appreciate particularly its functionality and attractive appearance. In most cases, the doors can be installed without problems by the customers' qualified personnel themselves.

Some plant operators have developed their own standards and design versions of HUBER RC3 doors.

Leibnitzerfeld Wasserversorgung GmbH for example has equipped the exterior surfaces of all its HUBER doors with a steel sheet panel to protect them against sunlight. Where possible, a stainless steel frame is added to the RC3 safety doors to cover the wall.

Also the process of project handling has been recognised as positive, including the field measures taken on site and the questionnaires for doors that have been worked out by the HUBER field service together with the responsible water masters.

HUBER RC3 safety doors not only fit perfectly into the overall picture of each individual smaller or larger project, they significantly improve the protection of our most important resource, our water.